A Pilot Study of high dose allopurinol in the management of gout

Status: Complete
Year: 2009
Funded: $42,147
Grant Type: Major Project Grant

In the short/medium-term gout causes pain, suffering and time off work and in the long term it can cause bone and joint destruction. In order to prevent these occurring it is important to adequately lower serum urate. While many doctors increase the dose of allopurinol above the recommended dosing guidelines there is to date no prospective clinical trial examining whether this provides further clinical benefit. There is a small amount of retrospective data suggesting there is no increase in side effects. This study will provide valuable information about the benefits and risks of increasing the dose of allopurinol above the recommended guidelines. It therefore has the potential to reduce patient suffering and time off work as well has doctors’ visits and health care costs.

Researcher // Dr Lisa Stamp – University of Otago

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