Adipocyte markers as predictors of progression in men with prostate cancer

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Status: In-progress
Year: 2021
Funded: $110,000
Grant Type: Major Project Grant

When a man presents with prostate cancer it is difficult to tell whether his cancer is aggressive and needs immediate treatment to prevent it growing and spreading, or whether it is likely to remain dormant and may never need treatment. Recent research has shown fat cells surrounding the prostate can stimulate tumour progression, and we have identified a panel of proteins released by cancer-associated fat cells that promote tumour survival, growth and spread. The overall aim of this study is to test this panel of proteins to see if they can be used to distinguish between dormant and aggressive prostate cancers, and ultimately help men with prostate cancer to undergo fewer unnecessary treatments.

Researcher // Dr Elisabeth Phillips – University of Otago

The main focus of Dr Phillips’ research is related to the field of cancer cell biology. Dr Phillips has mainly focused on breast cancer; investigating the mechanisms behind therapy resistance using proteomics and investigating the risk factor obesity and how it contributes to the progression of cancer.

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men diagnosed with prostate cancer in NZ
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of men will develop enlarged prostates over time

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