Determination of Effect site targets for Sevoflurane

Status: Complete
Year: 2006
Funded: $28,390
Grant Type: Major Project Grant

The equivalent of 10% of the population will undergo anaesthesia in any year.  In Christchurch this translates to about 40,000 anaesthetics per year, and nationally 400,000.  The majority of anaesthetics are based around inhalational or volatile agents. Anaesthetic requirements change considerably and rapidly at different stages of a surgical procedure. By improving the dosing of these drugs through research, there is enormous potential to both improve patient outcome and to achieve significant cost savings.

Researcher // Dr Ross Kennedy – University of Otago

Dr Kennedys research interests lie in model volatile anaesthetic uptake and distribution; effect-site volatile anaesthetic levels needed for various levels of surgical stimulus; nitrous oxide kinetic analysis; and the effect of depth of anaesthesia on long-term outcomes.

More About Dr Ross Kennedy

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