Evaluating a peer-led acute community residential service for severe mental illness

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Status: In-progress
Year: 2021
Funded: $95,049
Grant Type: Major Project Grant

Concerns have been raised about the clinical effectiveness and patient experiences of the current model of inpatient psychiatric care. Inpatient psychiatric environments are often busy and people receiving treatment may experience significant restrictions to their freedom, which can result in non-therapeutic outcomes. Peer-led community-based treatment is a new alternative model of care, whereby acute treatment is provided in a home-like environment, and the main mode of treatment offered is support and guidance from people with lived experience of mental illness. This project aims to evaluate one of these initiatives.  It will compare the outcomes for people who were treated in the peer-led unit, with people who were admitted to hospital before the unit was established. Detailed interviews with people who have experienced admission to the unit will be used to understand their experience, and interviews with staff will examine what aspects of the service are effective for positive recovery outcomes. The findings will inform future service developments and expansions, which will enhance acute psychiatric service provision to people in Canterbury and ensure resources are allocated to high quality services that improve patient outcomes.

Researcher // Dr Jenni Manuel – University of Otago, Christchurch


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