Which hijab am I wearing today? Challenges of dual relationships for Christchurch Muslims working with the victims of the March 15 attacks

Status: In-progress
Year: 2022
Funded: $109,557
Grant Type: Major Project Grant
Mental Health

Following the March 15 terrorist attacks, many initiatives providing support and treatment for victims have employed Muslims from the Christchurch community. These people are known and trusted, with appropriate cultural and linguistic skills; however dual relationships, where someone works in a professional role within their own social group, can be challenging. Muslim staff were also victims in a wider sense and therefore vulnerable to psychological impacts from re-traumatisation. This qualitative research project will examine some of the positive and negative impacts of these dual relationships on staff, helping to raise awareness of potential issues and inform future research and employment strategies. 

Ruqayya Sulaiman-Hill
Researcher // Dr Ruqayya Sulaiman-Hill – University of Otago

Dr Ruqayya Sulaiman-Hill is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Otago Christchurch.

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