Business Investment Opportunities

These opportunities are based on shared values and are tailored to meet the ongoing brand and business needs of both our organisations. Through our investment partner relationships we are able to raise public awareness of the importance of medical research and the funds that are necessary to support the research that is being undertaken in the Canterbury region.

Become a Research Business Investor

The Foundation provides a broad range of funding for early-career stage through to senior researchers:

Investors can nominate any area of medical research or career stage they would prefer to invest in.

Become an Event Sponsor

The Foundation hosts a series of education and fundraising events throughout the year.
Various sponsorship packages are available, depending on the desired level of event involvement.

Become a Preferred Supplier

By becoming a preferred supplier and providing goods and services that help the Foundation to reduce its operating costs, more funds are made available to directly invest in medical research.

Become a Corporate Supporter

Payroll giving offers the employees of your organisation the opportunity to donate directly to Canterbury Medical Research Foundation. Their contributions can be matched by the organisation with the donated funds able to be invested into any area of medical research nominated by the staff.
We encourage organisations to run their own fundraising events/activities in support of medical research. This is a great way of engaging staff through charitable giving.

If you would like to know more about business investment opportunities and how you can support CMRF, email [email protected].

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