CMRF Priorities for Research Grants

To be awarded a grant the CMRF Scientific Assessing Committee must see the research application has the potential to support the ultimate goal of the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation, which is to advance the quality of health care by fostering the strength and excellence of health research in Canterbury. Applications will only be accepted from Researchers who are New Zealand citizens or a permanent resident, residing in New Zealand and have tenure or an employment contract with one of the Host Institutions listed below for the duration of their research.

Host Institutions

All applications must be supported by suitable host institutions in Canterbury. These include Canterbury University, Lincoln University, University of Otago – Christchurch, Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha Canterbury, NZ Brain Research Institute, Ara – Te Pūkenga, Burwood Academy, Laura Fergusson Trust and ESR (Christchurch).

Emerging Researcher Fellowship

The CMRF Emerging Researcher Fellowship will be awarded to a candidate who is pursuing a career in health research. The successful candidate should be capable of independent research activity and truly exhibits all the leadership attributes required for outstanding medical and health research. This fellowship is a personal award, and once awarded, is non-transferable to another person.

  • Have held a PhD or an equivalent degree within the last ten years on the application date (exceptions are possible for time spent outside the research environment, for example due to parental leave or illness).
  • Hold New Zealand citizenship, permanent residency, or residency
  • Do not currently have a continuing/permanent research position

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Major Project Grant

CMRF has a policy of supporting emerging researchers, therefore applicants to our major project grant must have completed a PhD or fellowship within the ten years preceding the closing date of the grant round. Please note that this is measured in research experience (i.e. FTE equivalence), rather than calendar years 1-10 to allow for circumstances such as maternity leave, etc. The value of any grant is limited to a total $110,000. The Foundation will accept projects for a one or two year duration.

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Grant in Aid

Canterbury Medical Research Foundation will offer small research grants-in-aid of up to $5,000 to a total pool of $15,000 per annum, available to all researchers residing in Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Travel Grant

Applications are invited for financial support from the CMRF Travel Grants Fund to facilitate attendance at overseas and national conferences for costs up to $2,000. Eligibility will be restricted to research staff at the level of Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow or Research Associate Professor. Travel must be completed within the calendar year in which the grant was awarded.

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Don Beaven Travel Grant

This grant supports experienced medical researchers with an international reputation from Canterbury to visit research units in NZ or overseas for the purpose of the interchange of information, ideas or skills in their research field or to support a visit to Canterbury by selected medical research experts with an international reputation to advise or to exchange information, ideas or skills with medical researchers, research units or departments in Canterbury

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Summer Studentships

Summer Studentships provide $5,000 to individual students to train during the summer break with a research team relevant to the CMRF objectives. Studentships are available to students from host universities carried out under the University of Otago, Christchurch and University of Canterbury Summer Studentship programme. Duration is usually 10 weeks. Applications should be submitted through our host institutions the University of Otago, Christchurch and Canterbury University.


Does your research involve MRI Scanning?

If your research has an MRI component and you wish to use the New Zealand Brain Research Institute’s MRI Facility, please contact: Dr Tracy Melzer, New Zealand Brain Research Institute. Email: [email protected].

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