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Wine & Art Online Auction Is Open

As you will be aware by now, our major fundraising Wine & Art event has been impacted by the recent Omicron outbreak. 
As a result, we have now moved our entire auction catalogue online. 

While we may not be able to share an evening with our wonderful friends and supporters, we are still committed to ensuring that our children can play rugby safely.We do so by supporting Professor Nick Draper’s research project and raising $110,000 for the cause.

The auction is open for bids, and will run until it closes at 9pm, Monday 21st of February.
Register to bid by visiting

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There is something on offer for everyone:
From delicious wines (to be enjoyed now or cellared for a special occasion) to exquisite artworks (also available to view by appointment at the CMRF office) and special experiences to be shared as a couple, family or group.Also included are homewares, beauty treats, dining vouchers, jewellery and so much more..

For those who cannot find a special item that speaks to their heart, we also offer the ability to make a pledge to support Nick’s Research

Pledge 1: For $1000 you can sponsor a child’s MRI scan
Pledge 2: For $800 you can sponsor a child’s protective headgear
Pledge 3: For $400 you can sponsor a child’s mouthguard with sensors
Or simply donate what you can – every dollar counts when bringing this crucial research to life.

Help us by bidding fiercely and – just as importantly – share this email with your friends, family and wider network so they can become involved too.

Thanks from all of us at CMRF for helping us support children playing rugby safely!

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Recipient Professor Nick Draper – Collisions in Junior Rugby

University of Canterbury Professor Nick Draper is a former Olympic level judo manager and selector, and now world-renowned sports scientist. He will be awarded more than $100,000 by the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation to conduct a two-year study into head collisions in junior rugby and the potential of World Rugby-sanctioned head gear to reduce impacts.

The Canterbury Medical Research Foundation will raise the funds required for Nick’s research at the annual Wine and Art Gala on Saturday, 16 October.

CMRF Chair, Geoff Cranko says the Foundation is delighted to be able to support a project which could have such a fundamental impact on the health and well-being of young Cantabrians and the safe future of the game for all players.

Nick has three sons who play rugby for the Waihora Rugby Club. He also coaches for the club. Watching his boys and their team mates was one of the inspirations for his New Zealand-first study. His experience seeing the impact of concussions in a range of sports, contact and otherwise, was another powerful motivator. “As I’ve watched kids play rugby I wondered what I could do as a researcher to make the game safer for the next generation of players and All Blacks.”

Nick says he is excited about the potential difference the study could make. “There is a real lack of research in this area. It’s exciting to get funding from the CMRF because this research could have real potential for reducing potential harm. It will provide important evidence in regard to the potential benefits of headgear for junior and senior players.” 

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