A legacy of hope – The Neil & Pearl Hamilton Trust

We recently caught up with Lindsay Strang, Chair of the Neil and Pearl Hamilton Trust about the trust’s commitment to fund research excellence in Canterbury, and why it chooses to support the Foundation.

“I first met Neil Hamilton in 1991; we shared a common interest in mountaineering. It was years after this that Neil intimated that he would like to form a trust for the purposes of supporting research into cancer. Sadly, during the interim, his wife Pearl died from advanced breast cancer. Neil returned from World War II after involvement in the fighting for Monte Casino in Italy, and then staying on for an extra year or so to teach skiing expertise to British alpine troops.


Arriving back in New Zealand, he was challenged to resume where he had left off before his departure overseas. One of his businesses was operating Snowline Sports Shop. He met and married Pearl, who shared similar interests, especially with regard to skiing and mentoring young people to enjoy the hills, even if it was only through ski weeks when as hut parents they would take a particular interest in mentoring young children to ski and also teach them the courtesy of community living above the snowline.

Following Pearl’s death and with no immediate family, Neil was determined to do what he could for cancer research. His Trust continues and has helped scientists over recent years to pursue their lines of research.

This year, the trustees voted to support the Summer Studentship Programme of the CMRF, in the belief that it will open up the opportunities for research to the next generation. Neil died in 2007 and it is gratifying that his legacy continues. The Neil and Pearl Hamilton Trust is pleased to continue its assistance for research through the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation.”

– Lindsay Strang, Chair, Neil and Pearl Hamilton Trust

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