The important role of research in the fight against Covid-19

New Zealand is currently experiencing a time of great uncertainty and disruption caused by the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID -19). As an organisation that has been actively supporting medical research in Canterbury for the last 60 years we understand the important role that research has; particularly during unprecedented times such as these.

We know that positive health outcomes can be achieved through investment in leading edge research and now more than ever, it is clear how critical this work really is.
A recently published research strategy by the World Health Organisation (WHO) highlights the important role that research has in the control of the COVID-19 global pandemic. You can read more about this research strategy here.

Dr Ben Hudson, Chair of the CMRF Scientific Assessment Committee, and Dr Jenny Jordan, Deputy Chair of the CMRF Scientific Assessment Committee kindly answered some questions we had around the impact of Covid-19 in the Canterbury community – hear from them in the short video below.

We urge you to refer to the advice published by the Ministry of Health, to stay home if unwell, practice excellent hygiene, and look after yourselves and your loved ones.

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