Dr Martin de Bock is conducting ground-breaking research into type 1 diabetes. He is developing a cost-effective automated insulin delivery system, or ‘artificial pancreas’, that could massively improve the quality of life of thousands of New Zealanders.

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“Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition that is completely non-selective, currently uncurable and a terrible burden to sufferers. Only a third of children with type 1 diabetes get the kind of glucose control they need. It is very stressful, difficult, and unsustainable for families to provide this control needed to prevent complications. I thought that there must be a way to make that life story easier for them. This is why we are trying to automate insulin delivery for people on the ground, in the home and in clinics throughout New Zealand. We need to prove that this technology is what it should be, we need the research to back that up.”
– Martin de Bock

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