There is evidence Māori have a higher prevalence of bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders, and have worse outcomes. Dr Cameron Lacey (Te Atiawa) will share how he and his colleagues at the University of Otago’s Māori/Indigenous Health Institute are studying pathways Māori take into the psychiatric service and their experiences once there, with the aim of identifying ways to reduce disparities and improve outcomes.

Researcher // Dr Cameron Lacey – University of Otago

Dr Cameron Lacey (Te Atiawa), is a Senior lecturer at MIHI (UOC), psychiatrist working in old age psychiatry and medical director for Westcoast DHB. He has clinical and research experience working with Māori and whānau. His research includes Hauora Māori, psychological medicine, cardiovascular disease, neurology and medical education.

More About Dr Cameron Lacey

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