The Greenshields have not one, but two young children with type 1 diabetes. Family life has been irrevocably altered by having to manage their children’s conditions. Now, with access to CMRF funded researcher, Dr Martin de Bock’s work, the Greenshields are hoping they can put the worst aspects of this terrible condition behind them.

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“We have two children with type 1 diabetes. When we found that our second child was Type 1 Diabetes as well, my heart felt really heavy, because it is not curable, this is forever. Injecting them and creating a lot of pain is a horrible feeling, but that’s what you had to do to keep them alive. Becoming part of Martin’s programme came about through attending his clinic a lot. Being involved in this research means that she gets exposed to the technology, we get to use the pump technology here in New Zealand, and we get to see the benefits.”
– Gemma Greenshields

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