Dr Martin Than: How data modelling research has helped patients with (or without) heart attacks

“When you’re trying to make change in medicine, you need a wide cast of stakeholders to be involved.
I’ve now discovered that when you put that in line with health and information technology as well, the increase in the number of people you have to have involved seems to be exponentially increased.”

Dr Than tells us about how his team’s research has changed the pathway of diagnosis and subsequent treatment of heart attack patients. Two randomised controlled trials have resulted in the implementation of rapid chest pain assessment pathways into every hospital throughout New Zealand, doubling the number of patients safely discharged from the emergency department within six hours.

“We want to make a meaningful difference to how decision making is done in medical care at the bedside by the clinicians, the doctors and nurses involved in the care – as well as allied health- and also the accuracy of those decisions.”

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