Bequests/Living Legacies

Why do I need a will?

Leaving clear instructions for your loved ones, about your wishes when you die, can relieve them of a lot of pressure at a very hard time. Even if you do not have many possessions, being clear about what you want done with them and how you would like your memorial handled is the sensible thing to do. Creating a will is not difficult and many solicitors provide a free will kit.

How we would use your gift?

For more than 62 years, the Foundation has funded millions of dollars in research into some of the world’s most devastating conditions, such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, bowel disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, to name a few. We focus on translational research that leads to better treatments and better ways of managing illnesses. We are careful stewards of the money you entrust us with. We spend wisely on administration, and we are conservative with our investments to make sure we maximise the return to the research community.

At the Foundation, we know that by supporting bright young researchers, to launch their research careers here ‘at home’ we are nurturing the talent that will eventually be populating our hospitals and treating people with an enquiring mind that is trained to search for answers. And that’s got to be good for Canterbury!

Can I specify what I want my money used for?

If there is an area of medical research that is of particular interest to you (you may have had someone close to you with a specific condition) then we welcome you stating in your bequest exactly what you would like to use the money for. It always pays to speak to us when you are thinking of something specific, to ensure we are able to adhere to your wishes.

Or, you can simply leave it up to us. We are very happy to receive bequests that allow us to determine where the best place is to spend the money given to us. If in doubt, simply give us a call and one of our advisors can come out and see you.

Leaving us a Gift

There are several ways to leave a gift to the Foundation in your will:

  • Nominated Sum You can leave a set sum of money to our cause or a specific item of value
  • Residual Estate After you have made provision for all your loved ones, you may leave the residuary estate to CMRF
  • Non-Cash Assets You do not have to leave us cash. You may consider leaving us an asset such as property, jewellery, artwork or vehicles.

If you are in doubt about the wording of your will with regard to leaving a bequest, call us on 03 353 1243, or email [email protected].

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