Research in a Bubble Photo Challenge

We all need medical research – now more than ever!

Are you a health researcher in lockdown? We’re calling for your most creative photos and videos showing the reality of conducting your research at home. 

Show us your lockdown research bubble: Is your pet hijacking your Zoom calls with research collaborators? Are you using your coat & safety goggles to conduct home-school experiments with your kids instead of research in the lab? Are your research lectures now shared on a screen and conducted in pj’s or active wear? We want to see the evidence (pun definitely intended!)

Upload your best creations on social media, (make sure your post’s privacy settings are set to “public” so we can see what you post), send via private message or email us at [email protected]. Use the hashtags #ResearchBubble and #cmrf and don’t forget to tag us – and at least three other researchers – here in NZ or overseas – that you’d like to nominate to participate in the challenge. 

We’ll publish the best submissions on our website and in our next e-newsletter! 

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The Scientist Holding A Test Tube , Cute Cartoon Illustration Of

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