COVID-19 Update

Dear Supporters,

As we enter our fourth week of lockdown with the COVID-19 virus and reflect on the life changing events that have impacted all New Zealanders here and around the globe, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our existing members for their generous support during this time through the donations and membership fees we have received.

Now more than ever, the importance of medical research is being recognised globally with government, charitable, corporate and public funding being made available to support research into developing treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19.


We also recognise how critical our continued investment in medical research is during these uncertain times and are pleased to announce that we launched our Major Research Grants Programme for this year on 1 April. We know there will be significant demand for funding this year from the Canterbury based researchers and CMRF will be working hard to financially support as many research projects as possible.

It is only through the generosity of our supporters over many years that we are able to make this commitment and continue our 60 year support of medical research in the Canterbury region.

You can learn about the various research grants we make available by visiting I invite you to contact me directly via email [email protected] or on 021 028 20963 if you would like to discuss how you could financially support any of these programmes.

If you haven’t been able to get to the post office before lockdown, and for those of you who would like to make a donation or renew your membership, you are able to do this online on our website.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and do contact us if there is anything we can assist with – we are only a phone call away.

Colin McDougall
General Manager

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