Establishing the zebrafish as a model of drug use on the genome

Status: Complete
Year: 2017
Funded: $4,900
Grant Type: Grant in Aid

Drug abuse is a major public health issue. Drugs may alter gene expression (epigenetics), with detrimental health implications. We have generated epigenetic data from a long-term Canterbury cohort and aim to model the effects of drug use in zebrafish to better understand the molecular and health effects of drug use. 

Researcher // Dr Amy Osborne – University of Canterbury

Dr Osborne’s research interests lie in environmental epigenetics, DNA methylation, genome regulation, and developmental origins of health and disease.

More About Dr Amy Osborne
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Estimated annual social cost of illicit drug-related harm
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Of adults will try illicit drugs at some point
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1 in 37 New Zealanders use ecstasy

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